Hello & Welcome to Bo-Peep Corner

"A fun-filled playgroup, where all children are happy and settled. The staff have endless enthusiasm and make all sessions enjoyable" -parent


“Children have played at all times throughout history and in all cultural and artistic activities. Play, along with the basic need for nutrition, health, shelter and education, is vital to develop the potential of all children. Play is communication and expression, combining thought and action; it gives satisfaction and feeling of achievement. Play is instinctive, voluntary and spontaneous. Play helps children develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. Play is a means of learning to live, not a mere passing of time”

Declaration on the Child’s Right to Play (IPA 1990)

Our Statement of Purpose


Our aims centre on the need to respect all children and parents as individuals by:-

  • Encouraging and praising children.
  • Using positive rather than negative behaviour management.
  • Providing a safe, secure, exciting and stimulating environment, with caring adults aware of each child's emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs.
  • Giving your child opportunities to foster confidence, independence and self-esteem, making them feel valued and welcome.



  Our centre was rated as having 'very good outcomes for learners' in our last ETI Inspection. Our centre also holds a Gold Quality Assurance Award & has also received a GOLD AWARD from Action Cancer for promoting healthy eating, lifestyle etc. (May 2017) 


Pre-school Places 2023/2024

It is nearly time to apply for a pre-school place.

All applications should be made online

from 12 noon on Tuesday, January 10th 2023. The online portal will close at 12 noon on Friday, January 27th. Applications received after this date are considered as LATE.

The Education Authority will not be publishing reference copies of the admissions criteria in booklet form. Each provider's criteria will be made available to parents on the EA's website www.eani.org.uk from Tuesday 13th December 2022. All queries on the procedure should be directed to:-

The Pre-school Admissions office - 02895985595 or Email: preschooladmissions@eani.org.uk

Please note that we follow the same curriculum as the statutory sector i.e. nursery school & units and are subject to exactly the same inspection process by DENI. We are also inspected yearly by Social Services. We have a high adult: child ratio, with 4 fully qualified members of staff and are open for 2.75 hours daily - nursery units open for 2.5 hours. We also do not stagger in the children, as most statutory centres do - our children attend a full day right from Day 1, i.e.not just an hour a day for several weeks. Arrangements can also be made to leave your child in earlier than our 9.15 am starting time, should this be necessary due to work commitments.

Our Open Morning is Thursday 5th January 2023 from 9.30 am – 11.30 am. 

If you wish to get in touch with us about anything, please click on the contact link to access the contact form.

At Bo-Peep, our overall aim is for children to have fun at playgroup.


We foster an environment that allows children to learn through play at their own pace while gaining confidence and independence in preparation for the transition to primary school. 


Working in partnership with parents/carers, we strive to enable the children to develop their individual potential and ensure each child has a happy and rewarding time at playgroup.

Bo-Peep Corner
Preschool Playgroup

St Galls Community Hall

171 Crawfordsburn Road


BT19 1BT 




Playgroup Supervisor